Day Camp Divisions

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Ages 6 & 7

U7 Equivalent
Fun and a fascination with the ball. A desire to master it and the thrill of scoring goals provides the exciting entry into the world’s most popular game. Encouraging freedom with the ball and doing so in organized groups for small play success.Dribbling, running with the ball and that special relationship a young player can have with the ball takes center stage.


Ages 8 & 9

U9 Equivalent
An introduction to encourage and motivate the mastery of basic skills required to succeed individually and as a teammate. Small sided play is a central theme to all skills training which will provide just the right amount of pressure for a child’s level of development. Fun still rules the day!


Ages 10 & 11

U11 Equivalent
A time when players typically love to learn and want to be exposed to demonstrations of higher and more advanced techniques.A time when players yearn for and are encouraged to try and try again. Basic principles of play are introduced and refined. Players participate in an environment of teaching that allows the game to be “that” teacher. Small sided play is critical.The equation of working hard and having fun never changes!


Ages 12-14

U14 Equivalent
Standards and the formal rules of play are implemented and coached consistently. Pace of play quickens and decisions are made under more pressure from opponents. Physical and mental demands increase. Tactical awareness, as well as an understanding of time and space are critical. Attention is paid to mental toughness, accountability and effort.The excitement builds as your knowledge and improvement is realized.